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About KIDP

Established in 1970, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) is the only design body in Korea to plan and implement national design policies and strategies. Affiliated with the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE), KIDP aims to raise quality of life for people by design and lead innovation of the Korean design industry.

Through design-driven innovation, contribute to the furtherment of national competitiveness and improved quality of life
A global leader in design-driven innovation
Mid-term Goals (by 2026)
Achieve 38% design
utilization rate
Support 330 businesses practicing innovative design
Grow export to 126 billion won, industry size to 26 trillion won
"Grade A" in the Performance Evaluation of Public Institutions
Key Mandates
Grow innovatively / Build capacity / Strategize and manage / Create and deliver value to society
Core Values
Design-driven Innovation
Smart and Convergent / Glocal and Expert / Emphatic and Communicative / Inclusive and Safe
Strategic Goals and Objectives
[Innovative Growth]
Expand new design
[Capacity Building]
Bolster strategic measures
for Digital New Deal Policy
[Strategic Management]
Perpetuate organizational
innovation via design-thinking
[Social Values]
Deliver value to society and
pursue ESG management
① Foreground innovative businesses through full-cycle support

② Broaden support for design-driven innovation in industry, local community and society

③ Raise global awareness of Korean design
① Foster innovative and cross-disciplinary design talents

② Bolster pilot research for future design industry

③ Enhance functions and activate digital platforms for design
① Expand citizen engagement and open book management

② Catalyze organizational culture to fit post-pandemic times

③ Operate as a public institution that achieves goals through community engagement and cooperation
① Create quality jobs through design innovation

② Achieve GWP (Great Work Place) mindful of disaster, safety, green-growth, ethics, and human rights

③ Contribute to society's development via contributions and mutual cooperation

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