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President’s Greeting

한국디자인진흥원 원장

The Korea Institute of Design Promotion:
making the nation’s economy stronger by design

Greetings and welcome to the official website of the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

The Korea Institute of Design Promotion, which was established as the Korea Design Packaging Center in 1970 with the support and encouragement of the public and the design world, has been writing a history of Korea’s design industry and its promotion for more than five decades.

Over this period of half a century, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion has been leading the development of the design industry, bolstering the role of design to reach beyond simply improving the outer appearance of objects. Design is now considered an effective means of innovation that can present creative, consumer-focused ideas to increase the added value of products and services, strengthen industrial competitiveness, and even create more jobs.

Going forward, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion will continue to expand and develop the design industry while also contributing to people’s well-being by creating social value through design and fulfilling ESG management.

We look forward to your unwavering support so that Korean design can take a great leap ahead, both domestically and internationally.

Thank you.

YOON Sang Heum
Korea Institute of Design Promotion

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